OOC: I really need to pay someone to draw me a troll version of Mel from Mel’s diner.

The Saeder-Krupp employee Musical Appreciation Society remembers composer/musician , who died May 17, 2022.

In many ways, the Sixth World would not have been the same without him.

Something going 'round the doss lately. All but two of us are not feeling the stuffers the right way right now, you know?


<crest lays flat and slumps a little to one side>

***Final 21 hours!!!***

You can rock a rebellion in any setting. From a small town where you fight the church to bring dancing back, to Baltimore in where you fight racism to allow black and white to dance together. You can be teenage space wizards fighting a galactic empire or cadets in a utopian space federation rebelling against the encroaching militarism. Punk is a million things and it's waiting for you.


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@jeodesix Don't forget to pick up the additional paydata available to further expand your collection


Today we learned that the exploits of a few well known runners in Hong Kong have been fully documented and are available for purchase. Albeit, from a Megacorp from the Seattle Metroplex, but we’ve been assured that the author of this tale is being properly compensated for their work. At least, as well compensated as Megacorps ever do.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong amazon.com/dp/B01LA5K8HS/

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Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line focuses on inclusion and invitation. It brings gamers and non-gamers alike to play a quick to learn, narrative RPG putting you in the role of teenage rebels fighting to stop the adult-holes from fragging up your future.
Check out the Kickstarter for Misspent Youth: Fall In Love, Not In Line!

Also, check out our community copies for gamers, schools, libraries, and groups who can't afford RPG books.


OOC: Seventeen is the result of a Mitsuhama project to hide AIs in decks in cyber'd up dogs. The "stray dogs" could infiltrate a target without raising suspicion, the AIs could hack/rig, and the dogs could slip out.

Test Subject number 17 was different however. It's rare, but not unheard of, for critters to feel the resonance. Seventeen is one such critter: a technomancer dog.

The dog and the AI "grew up" together, became more than partners, they became friends. Mitsuhama never knew.

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Speaking of #rpgs, @smitty has set up an instance for fans of #shadowrun called shadowland.social/

If anybody out there's down with SR jump on over and get your pink mohawk on.

Here's my IC account: @lindy

Considering the turbulence at the previous node, Mr. Lofwyr has deemed it prudent to establish a presence here on the Shadowland BBS. He looks forward to seeing what develops.

Let's see... I see cyberware in the image library...

🦾 🦿

Formatting seems a little spare. Maybe they'll give some folks rendering privs to spruce the place up a bit.

Hoi, chummers... haven't been around Shadowland since... way the frag too long ago.

Let's see how things shake out.

Shadowland BBS

The infamous Shadowland BBS! The rumors of its demise have been ... mostly ... exaggerated.